Liquid Environmental Solutions

Putting UCO to Work

In the restaurant industry, disposing of used cooking oil (UCO) can be a messy and expensive business, with the risk of fines for incorrect disposal. Not only will a fat, oil and grease (FOG) recycling program reduce the amount of organic material discharged in to the wastewater system, it will also reduce your maintenance costs and could generate significant income from rebates.

Further, the EPA estimates that producing biofuel from restaurant waste can result in an 86% reduction in greenhouse gases by reducing the consumption of nonrenewable fossil fuels. This makes biofuel a great opportunity for business to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint, while also improving profits.

That’s why restaurant, grocery and convenience store locations across the US depend on Liquid Environmental Solutions day in and day out for the removal and recycling of their used cooking oil.

We’re proud of the role we play in helping waste material find new life as fuels, soaps, cosmetics, high-energy feed supplements and other products.

Closing the loop on recycling. It’s a difference our customers notice, appreciate – and deserve.

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Credit: RFMA