Liquid Environmental Solutions

Grease Trap & Interceptor Services

Grease Trap & Interceptor Services

Maintaining your grease traps and interceptors helps keep your business operating while protecting our waterways. We can service any grease trap or interceptor from coast to coast.

Grease Traps

We Service More Grease Traps Than Anyone In The US
We’re the nation’s largest provider of grease trap services. We evacuate 100% of grease trap content and give it a thorough cleaning. This not only keeps you in compliance with regulations, but also helps protect and extend the life of your grease trap. It’s a smarter approach for both your business and the environment.


Grease Interceptors

Customers Large and Small Trust Liquid Environmental Solutions
Top restaurant chains turn to us for their grease management. So do the largest grocery chains. In addition, thousands of regional, independent and single-location businesses count on Liquid Environmental Solutions to service their grease interceptor. Regardless of the size of your operation or the scope of your needs, you can count on Liquid Environmental Solutions to provide an exemplary level of service, professionalism and expertise.

Brands That Trust Us

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Taco Bell
Jason's Deli