Liquid Environmental Solutions

Open Sesame!

A phrase from the story of "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," the words open a cave containing a hidden a treasure.

Our collective efforts to combat the pandemic, be they working from home, sheltering in place, wearing PPE and/or supporting industries in need, are finally starting to reveal our own treasure - a gradual restarting of the economy.

As governors and mayors around the country discuss options for safely reopening restaurants for dine-in service, when it can be done and how, LES stands ready to support our valued customers (new and existing) by providing a complete array of services that cover every aspect of wastewater collection, transportation, processing, recycling, reclamation and disposal - simply request a quote and leave the rest to us.

If interested, state-by-state information regarding government responses, available relief programs, etc. can be found here.

“Open sesame” is derived from the plant sesame, a common ingredient in many restaurant dishes, and connects nicely with an industry finally starting to see the light at the mouth of the cave.