Liquid Environmental Solutions

Why Used Cooking Oil Deserves a Second Chance

We all deserve a second chance. And so does cooking oil. By giving used cooking oil a second chance, we’re able to recycle it – all of it – for beneficial reuse in a host of products including soaps, cosmetics, high-energy feed supplements and renewable fuels.

We work together to protect your business, the environment and your bottom line. That’s why we share the commodity value of the recycled cooking oil with our customers. Doing so keeps your costs down and your confidence high.

To make sure the cooking oil gets its well-deserved second chance, we provide a variety of container options including:

Steel, leak-proof containers placed in your corral
Under-the-counter containers
Self-contained units

By choosing Liquid Environmental Solutions, you’ll simplify your operations and minimize costs – All while gaining peace of mind knowing that your used oil will be collected, transported, and processed according the most stringent compliance and environmental standards.

About Liquid Environmental Solutions
Liquid Environmental Solutions — the Largest Exclusively Non-Hazardous U.S. Wastewater Collection and Disposal Company, is known for innovation and leadership in protecting customers from liability and ensuring regulatory compliance, while minimizing their environmental footprint. Focused exclusively on servicing customers’ non-hazardous liquid waste needs, Liquid Environmental Solutions collects, treats and beneficially recovers materials from a wide variety of waste sources, including grease traps, grit traps, industrial and manufacturing processes, used cooking oil, and waste oil for the restaurant and hospitality, automotive maintenance, manufacturing, power plant, petrochemical and ship-building and repair industries, as well as waste collection companies. With over 700 team members, a state of the art fleet of more than 300 vacuum trucks, 54 collection branches, and 24 wastewater treatment plants, Liquid Environmental Solutions is positioned to meet customers’ diverse liquid waste needs throughout the United States. For more information about our company, our people and our environmental solutions, please visit