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The Rise of the Ghost Kitchen

As a result of the recent, and here-to-stay, food delivery app trend, ghost kitchens are popping up everywhere.

The terms virtual kitchen, virtual restaurant and ghost kitchen are sometimes used interchangeably. There are subtle differences, however:

A Virtual Kitchen typically refers to a brick and mortar restaurant's kitchen. But the ‘virtual’ aspect comes from the fact that the same kitchen can create different menu items or types of cuisine for other concepts sold primarily or exclusively through a delivery app.

A Ghost Kitchen has none of the things we commonly associate with a restaurant: servers, seating and a sign. The Ghost Kitchen - sometimes called Virtual Restaurant, Dark Kitchen or Cloud Kitchen - exists only to serve orders placed via mobile app or delivery service web page.

Starting up a new concept to get more orders, and more value, from your existing kitchens’ fixed costs makes good business sense. Learn more about it here.

We can service any grease trap or interceptor from coast to coast, so if you own, operate or manage such a kitchen, let us help keep your business operating, all while protecting our waterways. Requesting a quote is as simple as filling out this short form.

Credit: FSR.