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The Evolving Role of Facility Managers

Once we move into the post-Covid-19 normalcy zone, the ethos of business functionality will have been radically altered. There are many service industries that are functioning to help maintain the nation, and facility managers are deploying resources to ensure adequate social distancing, optimum soft-hygiene and effective sanitation at their sites.

Certain workforces, facilities management included, are on the frontline, and are working in tough conditions. The biggest learning from this critical period is facility managers’ ability to embrace a whole host of new measures and operating standards, not only for the safety of employees but also to maintain business continuity. This pandemic has put the spotlight on facility management services, with a focus on cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization. It has called for a renewed view for hygiene and overall facility management to adapt to the new set of challenges through differentiated services, including social distancing, safety, soft-hygiene and automation.

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Credit: People Matters.