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Restaurants Lead in Recovery

Dining Out is Regaining Lost Ground

Despite the widespread coronavirus downturn, a multi-month study by global travel platform Tripadvisor hints at early signs of recovery, with the dining sector leading the way.

Over the two-month period ending May 31, U.S. searches on restaurant pages were consistently trending upward. Of the six countries analyzed, the US’s number of searches was second only to New Zealand, which experienced a sharp spike in mid-May.

“This report offers plenty of reasons for cautious optimism. There are clear signs that many consumers have a strong desire to dine out and travel again when they are allowed to do so, but when they do they will bring a new set of expectations with them,” said Martin Verdon-Roe, general manager of hospitality solutions at Tripadvisor in a statement. “Businesses that adapt quickly to embrace safety, flexibility and transparency will have a clear competitive advantage to communicate to consumers and that could prove crucial in hastening their recovery.”

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Credit: FSR Magazine.