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Listening to Customers Is Our Most Powerful Tool

Being attentive listeners not only provides us the opportunity to give our customers what they want out of a job, it also puts us in a good position to clear-up any misunderstandings and to prevent unrealistic expectations.

You know that tools can make or break a job. What would your answer be if someone asked you what is your most important tool? We’d argue that it’s our ears.

Think about it. What our customers want is not always cut and dry. It’s our job to give them what they want, and to help them understand what they need if that differs from what they want. If we don’t take the time to find out what their wants and needs are, and how those align or misalign, how can we do our job well?

We can’t. We need to listen, which allows us to do two key things:

  1. Clear-up confusion and avoid misunderstandings
  2. Prevent unrealistic expectations

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Credit: Pumper