Liquid Environmental Solutions

Four Easy Ways to Conserve Water in the New Year

Safeguarding the environment is more than a duty; it’s the reason LES exists. By managing the entire liquid waste lifecycle, we support our customers and their sustainability programs by focusing on recycling, maximizing beneficial reuse, increasing landfill diversions and preserving our most precious resource – water.

Cutting back on water use will help save you money, and will put less strain on your plumbing system – including your grease trap. Water conservation is also taking center stage at many discussions about how to combat drought and better commit to our environment. While there are many ways to conserve water every day, here are the four most effective:

  1. Turn off your faucet. Although many of us leave the water running in our sinks while we soap our hands and wash dishes, the truth is that we would be saving a lot of water if we simply turn off the taps while doing these activities – then turn them back on when we need to rinse. Water flows out of our taps at the rate of nearly three-gallons per minute, so it is easy to see how changing this one practice can make a huge difference in our water consumption over time.
  2. Only run full dishwashers. Your water consumption is impacted significantly every time you run the dishwasher. Conserve both water and electricity by waiting to run it with full loads.
  3. Replace old plumbing fixtures. Did you know that old faucets add gallons of unnecessary water consumption every time you use them? Replace them with products that meet standards created by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Manufactured by numerous trusted brands, these fixtures make saving water easy.
  4. Fix your leaks. You would be surprised to learn how many gallons of water you are wasting (and paying for) by letting leaks go without repair. Fix them now and watch both your water consumption and water bill drop significantly.

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