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Easy Ways to Stop Plumbing Problems in Your Restaurant

Plumbing issues can cause major headaches (and major hits to the wallet) for restaurant owners. The key plumbing problems in restaurants are caused by the clogging of pipes, which can cause backups, overflows and improper drainage. The main cause of this issue is usually staff members putting leftover food and other materials down the drains, instead of disposing of it in the correct place – the trash.

Here are a few areas of focus to keep your plumbing system running properly:

  1. Maintaining your dishwashing station
  2. Keeping bar drains clean
  3. Properly cleaning your fryers

Read more about each of these here, and remember that proper preventative maintenance of your sewer and grease waste systems – site assessment, drain line cleaning and jetting – will not only prolong the life of your system, but will reduce the need for inconvenient and often-costly emergency service.

LES now offers drain line cleaning and plumbing services in the states of Alabama, Ohio and Washington. Please call or email us if you have questions, or would like to schedule a service!

Credit: Modern Restaurant Management.