Recycling Your Used Cooking Oil

As the saying goes, it’s only waste if you throw it away. That’s why we not only collect and transport your used cooking oil, we give it new life. We recycle 100% of your used cooking oil. This keeps your costs down and protects our environment, while providing beneficial reuse in an assortment of products and raw materials, including soaps, cosmetics, high-energy feed supplements and renewable fuels, just to name a few.

Cooking oil

Complete Service Solution

Our fleet of modern trucks and professional, uniformed drivers offer reliable, prompt, and consistent service. We can even custom tailor your services to include oil collection, grease trap pumping and line jetting – All with the convenience of a single vendor. We can also customize your service frequencies based on volumes. So go ahead and fire-up your fryers. We’ll take care of the rest.

Why Liquid Environmental Solutions

Liquid Environmental Solutions became the nation’s leading provider of used cooking oil collection, transportation and recycling services by focusing on three areas: Customer Service, Compliance and Environmental Stewardship. Our national coverage helps you minimize costs while gaining the convenience of having a single vendor for all of your locations. In addition to electronic manifests, dedicated account management and our 24/7 service center, we share the commodity value of the recycled oil with you. It’s another way we help keep your costs down – All while ensuring 100% compliance with all government regulations and responsible environmental practices. That’s value. That’s Liquid Environmental Solutions.

Used Cooking Oil Containers

Liquid Environmental Solutions provides a variety of container options—from durable steel, leak-proof containers located in your corral, to small plastic containers that roll and fit conveniently under the counter. We also provide self-contained units that store the oil with less interaction from employees thereby reducing the chance for workplace injury. We are licensed to operate at the state, county and local level, so once again, you can be assured of complete compliance.


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