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FOGLaw - Commercial FOG Program Frequency Updates in Jacksonville, FL Area

Our business is managing non-hazardous liquid waste, but our passion is serving our customers. As such, our proprietary FOGLaw database helps us track more than 6,000 jurisdictions to ensure that our people (and your business) are always up to date on the latest regulations.

Speaking of, and for example, portions of Jacksonville, FL have just updated maintenance frequency requirements for grease traps and interceptors:

  • Interceptor (750 gallons or over) - a minimum of every 90 days or more often if grease and solids levels reach 25% of tank volume
  • Intermediate (51 gallons to 749 gallons) - a frequency not to exceed 30 days
  • Trap (equal to or less than 50 gallons) - a frequency not to exceed 15 days

For more information, please visit the JEA site, here.

We provide a full range of turnkey solutions for the collection, transportation, processing, recycling, reclamation and disposal of non-hazardous liquid wastes. And our compliance guarantee and AAA-rated insurance minimize your exposure and liability.

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