Food Waste May Be Eating Up Your Profits

For many companies food waste, often called organic waste, is their largest waste stream. In fact food waste is the second largest waste stream in the county, yet only 3% of it is recovered. The other 97% is disposed of in landfills where it needlessly consumes fresh water and fossil fuels, while releasing excessive amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere. But landfilled food waste is not only bad for the environment; it’s bad for your business. It’s costly and may represent more than 50% of your company’s total disposal costs.

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Stop Feeding the Landfills

Liquid Environmental Solutions, recognizing the impact food waste has on our environment, developed new, affordable and environmentally responsible solutions to help divert organic waste away from our community landfills. Liquid Environmental Solutions, using its tried-and-true formula for success (customer service, compliance and safety, and commitment to the environment), expanded its non-hazardous, liquid waste management services to include food waste management. Today, we provide custom solutions using equipment and trucks designed specifically for the collection, transportation, processing and recycling of organic waste streams.

eco2: Food Waste Liquefier

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Liquid Environmental Solutions’ eco2 is an onsite, food liquefaction system that transforms bulk food waste into liquid organic waste, which is then recycled into biogas or used for composting. eco2, with its patent-pending technology, reduces 10 pounds of food into a 1 gallon container; thereby reducing your collection, transportation and disposal cost, while diverting waste away from our community landfills. eco2 is a high-volume, high-capacity system capable of processing an entire ton of food waste in an hour.

Benefits of Diversion

Recycling your food waste cuts your operating cost by reducing disposal and hauling fees. It also eliminates unpleasant odors while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Organic waste recycling also improves soil sustainability by creating compost, which conserves soil and water, while reducing the use of pesticides. By partnering with Liquid Environmental Solutions you get a waste service that is good for the three Ps: People, Planet and Profit.

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