Deep fryerNational restaurant chains and food service providers know all too well the importance of proper grease trap cleaning and maintenance. A single back-up can immediately halt operations, create a health hazard, produce offensive odors, and damage the company’s hard-earned reputation.

But independent, single outlet operators face the same dangers caused by sanitary sewer overflows resulting from grease blockages. The only difference is that the smaller companies don’t have dedicated facility managers making sure their business, and their pipes, keep flowing.

To alleviate this problem, Liquid Environmental Solutions has extended its grease trap services to all restaurants and food service operators in the United States, regardless of size and location.

By offering services nationwide, Liquid Environmental Solutions has lowered service and transportation costs; making proper grease trap maintenance affordable for even the smallest facility. We also added customer service personnel in order to accommodate our new customers. For added convenience, we streamlined service requests, which can now be made via email at or via toll free number at 1-866-694-7327.

About our grease trap solutions

Liquid Environmental Solutions is the national leader in grease interceptor and grease trap waste collection and disposal services. Unlike many grease trap companies that just skim the top of the grease trap, LES cleans and evacuates 100% of the trap content, extending the life of your traps. We also process all recovered waste in full compliance with regulations and industry best practices. At each service we also scrape the walls and power-wash the trap, pipes (inlet and outlet) and the baffles.*

*Excludes the very small interior traps where pressure-washing may damage the trap and/or splash water and debris into the kitchen area.