Liquid Environmental Solutions, founded in 2002, set out to become the nation’s largest, most trusted resource for responsibly managing non-hazardous liquid waste. By concentrating exclusively on liquid, non-hazardous waste streams, the founders narrowed their focus and began assembling the requisite people, assets, infrastructure and processes to differentiate their services in a highly fragmented marketplace. Early on, Liquid Environmental Solutions developed three key operating principles, known today as The Three Pillars, to define its culture and guide its growth strategies. The Three Pillars, which continue to drive the company’s daily operations, are Customer Service, Commitment to the Environment, and Compliance/Safety.

Liquid Environmental Solutions rapidly expanded its service geographies through organic grown and strategic acquisitions. Corporate milestones include:

  • November 2002, Acquired U.S. Liquids’ Texas commercial wastewater division
  • July 2003, grease trap services expanded to include regional and national account customers
  • February 2005, acquired Resource Recovery Techniques in Arizona
  • November 2009, acquired Romac facility in Kansas City
  • December 2009, acquired Industrial Waste Services in Chicago, Jacksonville, and Mobile
  • February 2010, expanded services to include food waste collection and recycling
  • August 2013, launched eco2 for liquefying food waste and increasing landfill diversion
  • December of 2013, opened collection facility in Orlando
  • July 2014, acquired New Stream in Massachusetts (New England market)