The Capacity and Professionalism to Meet Your Needs

Every day Liquid Environmental Solutions earns our customers’ trust by managing non-hazardous wastewater, grease traps and organic recyclables – including food waste – professionally, in absolute compliance with all regulations, and in an environmentally sustainable manner. This provides our customers with the maximum peace of mind that their brands will not only be protected, but enhanced.

Over the years, too many companies providing non-hazardous wastewater services have earned a reputation for being unethical and opportunistic. In part, as a result of these unscrupulous practices, public agencies are enforcing stricter environmental regulations at the local, state and federal level.

Liquid Environmental Solutions has turned this increased regulatory environment into a distinct business advantage by re-defining what it means to be a liquid and organic waste recycling company. With an unrivaled commitment to the environment, customer service, regulatory compliance and safety, LES is providing sustainable liquid and organic waste recycling solutions to businesses that consistently surpass customer expectations for compliance, reliability and professionalism.

The capacity to meet your needs

In business for more than seventeen years, we’ve become one of the largest companies in the nation specializing exclusively in the collection, treatment and disposal of non-hazardous liquid and organic waste streams.  Today we’re the service provider for over 8,000 companies of all sizes. We service over 24,000 locations in more than thirty-four states with fourteen government-approved treatment facilities and an interstate fleet of trucks driven by highly trained waste-collection specialists.

Protecting your peace of mind
Our compliance team makes sure your waste is always treated in strict compliance with all state and local regulations. Our treatment facilities remove contaminants, as well as valuable recyclable materials, from your waste streams under the most stringent standards, leaving only carefully treated water that is safely returned to the environment.  Our operations team makes sure your waste is always collected on schedule, at times of day that minimize or eliminate impact to your daily operations.  Our 24-hour on-call customer service team can take care of emergencies within hours of your call.  And everyone of us at Liquid Environmental Solutions strives to give you prompt and friendly service at every opportunity.